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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Illustration Process - BeeJesus pt.1

My illustration process usually works something like this:
  • Concept - Whether through brainstorming, serendipity or the guidance of an art director, I will begin with the concept for the illustration.
  • Initial sketch(es) - I will play with the concept and do some rough sketches or thumbnails without reference, often playing with details.
  • Gathering references - I will seek out images of details to be included in the drawing. These can include images from the Internet, magazines, client provided materials or photos I take myself.
  • Refined sketch(es) - Still just rough sketches I will incorporate details from my references, establish the overall composition, and determine the color palette. If the client was fairly confident of the direction they wanted to go I might just create one sketch. In other cases, I may have 2-3 different drawings playing with color, composition or concept. These refined sketches are generally for my own purposes, but I may share them with a client if I have a question about color, composition or concept.
  • Draft illustration(s) - Now I'll prepare a draft illustration(s). These works, though perhaps lacking complex textures or intricate detail work, should look ready for publication in my estimation. I will make sure to clearly note any missing detail(s) with the client.
  • Incorporating feedback - I will listen and write down what the client has said and incorporate the desired changes into the illustration(s). If the changes are significant, draft illustration(s) will be resubmitted to gather feedback. Otherwise, it is on to the final illustration.
  • Final illustration - I will prepare the final illustration and send it to my client. Even though I think it is final, I always ask for feedback and, if the client wishes, make any necessary changes. It is not truly the final illustration until the client signs off on it.
In this particular instance the project was self initiated. The concept arose serendipitously while attending a meeting. Someone used the word "Bejesus". I always thought it was a funny word. I like the way it sounds and I chuckle inwardly whenever I here it. I was taking notes and, as I am prone to do in longer meetings, doodling . So my inner chuckle was expressed as the initial sketch you see here, which I filed away for a possible future illustration.

Today I began the next step in that process, gathering references. The references pictured were found on the Internet and I will incorporate some of details into my refined sketch. My plan for the refined sketch will be a portrait, 3/4 view, facing left, from the shoulders up with just a glimpse of robe, I will alter the eye shape and antennae to more closely resemble the bee references. The color palette will be black and yellow.

Since, in this case, I am both client and illustrator and can provide my own immediate feedback, I will have a refined sketch and a final illustration ready next time.

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  1. Maybe add the proboscis to the final pic of BeeJesus?