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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Illustration Process - BeeJesus pt. 2

So we last left off in the illustration process just before the refined sketch. Keep in mind, though I call it refined, the emphasis should be on sketch. Usually this sketch(es) is done to clarify the concept, color and composition in my own mind. This is usually a 15 minute effort.

You can see the concept sketch of BeeJesus here. This sketch took about 10 minutes once I had the previous steps completed. Rather than flesh out details I just indicate them. For example the hexagonal eye texture is only hinted at in this sketch.

Since this was a self-initiated project, I am my own client. Notes, explanations or discussions were not needed and I could very quickly move through the draft illustration process directly to the final illustration. When dealing with a client communication is vital to a successful outcome.
Here is my final illustration.

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