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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abusing Your Facebook Friends

In the past I had gotten a couple of accidental but quite good design critiques on work I posted to Facebook. This gave me an idea. What if I tried posting some work there which I intentionally left unrefined and solicited feedback.
Could I create a design process where I harnessed the hive mind of my Facebook friends so that I could mow the lawn, work on my kitchen remodel project and spend time with my family while still refining my design? The answer is yes.
In my previous post I described the beginning of my design process for creating a logo for the "Design Lab" where I work. I had created a pencil sketch where the word "LAB" had the letter "A" replaced by an erlenmeyer flask with a computer mouse inside. If I had followed my normal process I would have then moved on to the treatment of "Design" and continued refining the design on my own through various iterations and lots of thinking. This time, I let Facebook do some of the thinking for me.
The process worked something like this.
  1. Post a draft of the design to Facebook.
  2. Let it bake for an hour or two.
  3. Check back and see the comments.
  4. Respond with my own comments.
  5. Wait an hour or two.
  6. Check the comments again.
  7. Refine the design.
  8. Repeat as needed.
The results are shown. Your results may vary. I happen to have very talented and articulate Facebook friends.

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